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Frozen Drinks

The Hottest Trends in 2015!

Frozen beverages offer big results for a small investment.
This is the perfect opportunity to introduce frozen beverages. Frozen drinks aren’t just for warm weather, offers your customers a variety of frozen drinks year-round, such as smoothies, frozen coffee (or frape' as some know it as), frozen lemonade, slushies, milkshakes... It’s all about getting creative. Try an Orangesicle smoothie made from orange juice. Use your coffee products you already use to create specialty frozen beverages without needing to bring in extra product.

Boosting sales

Frozen drinks are a high-demand product that boost repeat sales at a low food cost. The only necessary investment is a MagnaBlend Pro or an instant draw frozen drink freezer like the Taylor model 432, but the payoff is huge.”



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